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About me
I am a freelance photographer and a journalist from Italy.

Like Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I have a double personality: I'm a researcher working in an high technology research centre in everyday life, but the other person that lives inside me is exactly on the opposite position: no science, just art! "Mr. Hyde Belverde" is a reporter and a journalist and he writes for several Italian newspapers and magazines. He loves telling the tales of the Island of Sicily, its people and traditions. Reportage, portraits and nudes are the genres he loves the most.

I can provide my photos to everyone who likes them. 
I'd rather prefer not to supply just a single photo but the entire set it belongs to, because I believe the power of my work relies on the full story, on the complete set.
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I attend several workshops and courses but I found  internet is the best way to learn and compare myself to the world. 
After gaining a base in photography by reading books and magazines I vowed never to stop learning. 

I like to keep my approach quite simple, I love natural light but I use fill flash quite often. I don't like to work quickly during my session. I love to be on good terms with the subject. I spend a lot of time speaking with people before I take pictures. 
I aim to be very close to the subject and I often use a wide lens. I generally work alone, and with reduced equipment with me, in order to go unnoticed and take the subject spontaneously. 

What's in the Bag?
In the last few years I used several digital DSLR from different brands.
Now I'm working with a Fujifilm X-T2 with two fast prime lens (XF18mm f/2, XF35mm f/1.4).

I also shot with an Yashica Mat 124G medium format film camera for fine-art works only.

Post production has a lot of importance in my workflow and I use several editing software to retouch my shot. 
I agree with the philosophy that there are no rules (equipment or technique) on how to realize a nice photo, it's only the final result that counts and not how you get it.

About my Photos
Someone says that my portraits are retouched and interpreted with to much post production. 
May be, if you consider these portraits like passport photos. 
These pictures are just a point of view about the subject, just an interpretation.
It can be right or wrong but in any case they cannot be considered exactly the reality. 
So, the question is: “can we consider this kind of photos like a traditional document?” Even if retouched and hard interpreted, do them contain part of the original message?
Well, Professor PhD Ludvík Baran has a personal opinion about my photos (street), and about this kind of photos:

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